About Us




Seride Salomé Skin is an organic skin care line that provides all-natural products with ingredients that derive from this very earth. Our mission is to transition you into a healthier skin routine product by product, no toxins, parabens or chemicals used. We provide a luxurious yet affordable experience when purchasing and using our products. We aim to be as sustainable as possible from where we source our materials to when they get delivered to you.

Our company strives to leave as little as a carbon footprint on this earth by sourcing all of our ingredients in the US and using as little plastic as we can which is why our packaging is mostly glass. When packing our orders, we make our own labels, stickers and our own product boxes from paper (we encourage you to recycle our packaging as much as you can) and use biodegradable packing peanuts to keep the product protected. 

Our CEO Jasmin Polanco is Afro-Latina, from the Dominican Republic. Born and raised in New York City with Caribbean soul, Jasmin studied Business and Technology of Fashion for 5 years and always had an entrepreneurial spirit and love for skincare. Inspiration for this company derived from wanting to detoxify her skin and start using all-natural skin products but when researching, natural products were either green washing their brand or too expensive. This is when Jasmin decided to build her own line. After a few courses and months of research she started sourcing materials and combining ingredients for the perfect formulas.